I started playing the drums when I was 10 years old. I wanted a real drum kit and so I let my parents know that I really would love to have a real drum kit for a Christmas present. Wayback in the day when I first started playing, my father would talk to me and go on and on about some of the world class drummers. Dad would always mention a few of his favorites, Buddy Rich, Gene Krupa, and Max Roach.

He had a few of their albums and I would listen to them and try to play it down exactly like I heard it. The key word here is try! Those cats were beyond awesome and I was just learning how to play! For the most part I considered myself a self-taught drummer. I could play along with most of the old school R&B songs I heard on the radio and records that my brother had, and I started to develop my own style and sound. After about 2 months of playing on my own without any formal instruction or teaching aids, I started taking some private lessons from Dale Music Co. in Silver Spring, Maryland.

Without a doubt it was there that I learned and perfected some basic drum rudiments which became a key and vital tool to developing and maintaining a good meter.


I Played my first real gig when I was 15 years old at John Phillip Sousa Jr. High School in S.E. Washington, D.C. The band played well and I did a good job, but my drums kept sliding all over the hardwood stage as I was playing! During the performance our front man, bass player and guitar player took turns pushing the drum kit back towards me, I was determined that I wasn’t going to screw things up for us! After the performance a more seasoned drummer (I was later told that he use to play for the same band) came on the stage and told me to bring some rope to tie between the drum kit and hardware and a rug or piece of carpet to prevent my kit from sliding all over the place… Hey what can I say I didn’t think of this at the time! At home and at practice my drums were always on a carpeted surface so I never experienced that problem.


Musically while there are too many to list, my biggest influence without a doubt was my brother Vernon. Back in the day he was one of the most sought after tenor sax players in Washington, D.C. He played, wrote, composed, recorded, managed and produced music with some of the premier funk/R&B bands in the city. When I was 14 he finally let me know that I could play and he invited me to come sit in on a practice session with one of his bands. After that he would tease me about being a drummer. He would state how a drummer had a bunch of equipment to transport to and from a gig. He would brag about how all he had to do was grab his axe (sax) and go! This didn’t sit well with me at all! I loved the drums and really did not have any desire to play another instrument, until one day a high school friend let me play his horn…


Kenneth’s melodic tones on trumpet supported strongly and blended to perfection by a tight pocket, rhythm section and chord structure provides the sound of jazz, soul and urban comtemporary which gives the music a unique and sophisticated twist. 


Kenneth P. McDonald a Washington D.C. native,  grew up with a love for music. Drums were his first instrument and the trumpet was soon to follow. Music was definitely a main stay in his childhood home. With an older brother who at the time was considered one of DC’s finest musicians, sometimes you get inspired! Kenneth studied music throughout high school and was already playing semi-professionally as a teen. His licks and chops on both instruments hit on several genre’ of music. Kenneth started playing trumpet with the Busey Brothers band and show in Washington, D.C. as a teenager and has played lead trumpet with many well established bands of several genres.

 Kenneth has created a jazz sub genre he like to call NeO-Jazz-Twist. The new school, the old school and alternative mix,  makes the sound flow with urban jazzy smooth melodic tones that are soulful, stimulating and sexy.

Kenneth McDonald created a unit called OUR MOOD SWINGS. Indigo Soul is the title track to the current cd, with brand new music that he has written and composed soon to be released as the band is now transitioning with a  fresh new look and twist…more to follow!

OUR MOOD SWINGS is a Neo-Jazz Twist band with an urban but contemporary appeal and they have big time fun with their music!